The reason Josh Allen can be called Wyoming’s great talent is because his home state of California blew it. Sports Illustrated headline is, “No One to Number One.” Why was Josh a “no one” until a Cowboy?

The answer to that question is in a great article from The Denver Post. Their Nick Kosmider practically gave the history of the Allen family from farm country California, “A Norman Rockwell painting smeared with elbow grease.” When you get to the part about how schools like nearby Fresno State overlooked Josh Allen’s potential, well, that’s a story in itself.

The hottest quarterback prospects attend football camps, but Josh was busy playing different sports through the year, so he didn’t do camps - a great way to catch recruiter's eyes.

Maybe the hardest thing for us to imagine now is the younger sized Josh. Particularly his height was underwhelming. By the time he got to Wyoming, transferred from Reedly College, Josh was 6’4”. Josh is now 6’5”. It wasn't until after settling on a smaller college that Josh got quite the growth spurt.

With the raw talent Josh always had, after he started getting bigger, he was probably going to get noticed by some one at some point. Here’s the short story on how that did happen. And thank God it was a guy named Dave Brown, who was an assistant with the University of Wyoming Cowboys.

Dave still didn’t know the name Josh Allen when he visited Reedly to scout another member of the team. And you guessed it - Dave was more impressed with the quarterback he saw that day. The film Dave got was shared with Coach Bohl’s Offensive Coordinator, Brent Vigen, and the rest is Cowboy history.

At the end of last season we thought Josh had declared for the 2017 NFL draft (actually he did), but instead we got the news of a change of heart. Pokes fans everywhere did cartwheels. We don’t care whether or not he’s actually picked as projected at #1 in the 2018 draft, we’re just thrilled he shares another season of Cowboy history with all of us.