The Laramie River Greenbelt Trail is closed due to flooding until further notice. The City of Laramie Parks and Recreation Department decided to close the Greenbelt Trail in its entirety because seasonal flooding is making the trail unsafe. Water is currently covering portions of the trail, and may cover even more as mountain runoff continues. According to Paul Harrison, Parks and Recreation Director for Laramie, the trail will remain closed until the water recedes which could be in early July.

Harrison says the safety of pedestrians is very important, and the current is significant under the surface so it is dangerous for people to be in even six inches of water.  The city warns that anyone near the Laramie River should take caution, as high river flows can be very dangerous.

Harrison tells the public to be cautious of the signage, and to make sure to take advantage of all the parks provided in Laramie. He also warns that using the trail while it is closed could result in fines up to $750.

The city has provided a website to check the river level, which can be viewed here. Currently the river level has exceeded six feet, which is moderate flood stage for the Laramie River.