Grand Teton National Park Land Swap

After a lengthy debate, the Senate approved a bill that would allow the state to swap two parcels of school trust lands within Grand Teton National Park to the federal government for unspecified lands elsewhere. Senator Leland Christensen (SD-17) said the state will get a fair deal from the federal government. Senate Majority Floor Leader, Senator Phil Nicholas (SD-10), disagreed.

Jason Flatt Act

A bill that would call for school districts to provide suicide prevention training for all teachers has advanced in the House. Representative Matt Teeters (HD-5) said the bill is important because suicide is an issue in Wyoming. House Majority Whip Representative Tim Stubson (HD-56) said he doesn't believe the training should be mandated for all teachers, especially those in the lower grades.

Capitol Renovation Bill

The House also advanced a bill that would allow the Capitol Renovation project to move forward. The renovation would include repairing damage to the capitol dome and exterior walls, bringing the building into compliance with modern codes and make other changes to restore or maintain the buildings historically significant features.