Wyoming Governor Matt Mead will allow a bill clarifying requirements for obtaining an alcohol manufacturer's license to become law without his signature.

In  Feb. 20 letter to Senate President Eli Bebout (R-Riverton), the governor noted that while he personally doesn't own a business which would be impacted by the bill, his brother does.

The governor says that to avoid any question about a personal interest he will allow the bill to become law without his signature.

The governor's brother Brad Mead is part owner of Wyoming Whiskey, which is based in Kirby, Wyoming.

Senate File 13 will become law after three days without the governor's signature. Meanwhile, the governor has signed the following bills into law:

  Enrolled Act Bill Number Title
1. SEA0001 SF0003 Select water committee review of projects.
2. SEA0002 SF0007 Bank service corporations.
3. SEA0003 SF0023 Fuel tax appeals.
4. SEA0004 SF0033 Computer extortion.
5. SEA0005 SF0030 Jail placement coordination.
6. SEA0006 SF0011 License revocation process.
7. SEA0007 SF0005 Banking revisions.
8. SEA0008 SF0009 Certification of cases to state board of equalization.
9. SEA0009 SF0010 County boards of equalization.
10. SEA0011 SF0004 Water projects-map and plat filing requirements.
11. SEA0013 SF0002 Legislative appropriations.
12. SEA0014 SF0018 Special district public records-BOCES.
13. SEA0015 SF0039 Military department composition.
14. SEA0016 SF0019 Snow plow lights.
15. SEA0017 SF0040 Military department recordkeeping.
16. SEA0018 SF0038 Veteran license plate stickers-repeal.
17. HEA0018 HB0004 NRC agreement state amendments.
18. HEA0019 HB0262 Penitentiary savings fund.
19. HEA0020 HB0125 Sealing of trust documents.
20. HEA0021 HB0007 Credit for reinsurance.
21. HEA0022 HB0039 Education-resident tuition reimbursement.
23. HEA0023 HB0013 Investment of public funds.
24. HEA0024 HB0003 Cease and transfer priority list.
25. HEA0025 HB0024 Water commission duties.
26. HEA0026 HB0002 Storage tanks.
27. HEA0027 HB0009 Student ownership and privacy rights.
28. HEA0028 HB0124 Uniform Trust Code amendments.
29. HEA0029 HB0237 Community college capital construction.
30. HEA0030 HB0112 EMS licensure-interstate compact.
31. HEA0031 HB0021 Secretary of state-certificates of authentication.
32. HEA0032 HB0036 Obsolete laws.