It's official, Governor-Elect Matt Mead has filled several key positions for his up coming role as Wyoming's new Governor.

Kari Gray has been named as Chief of Staff. Gray led Mead's Transition Team and managed finances for the campaign.  Gray is an attorney who served as Director of the Department of Family Services during the administration of Governor Jim Geringer.

The role of Deputy Chief of Staff was named to Tony Young.  Young has held this position during the transition period. On top of the role of Deputy Chief of Staff, Young will also serve as Agency Coordinator.  Tony Young has worked with Matt Mead in the Wyoming U.S. Attorney's Office and was head of Wyoming's Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee and was the Assistant Campaign Manager.

The privilege of General Counsel to the Governor is Carol Statkus.  Her responsibilities will include policy oversight responsibilities in the Mead administration.  Statkus held the position of Chief of the Civil Division when she worked with the Governor-Elect in the U.S. Attorney's Office.   Another former associate at the U.S. Attorneys Office, Ruth Critchfield will be in charge of scheduling for Governor-Elect Matt Mead.

Matt Mead says he is committed to making choices for the state government based solely on what is best for the citizens of Wyoming. He wants to be judicious and thorough as he proceeds in the appointment process. Mead stated his next announcements will be that of  head of state departments. Extensive and thorough interviews are needed with both current heads of forty state agencies. Interviews will also be held with people interested in agency leadership positions.