Gov. Matt Mead gave this statement to K2 Radio on Tuesday about the legacy of Mick McMurry:

"I think anybody would be hard-pressed to find somebody who gave back more to the state of Wyoming. His generosity was just unmatched in terms of what he and Susie and the McMurry Foundation what they gave to the state.

"A lot of us know of many of those things, but there were so many small things he did that were not publicized that helped individuals and helped groups and helped communities.

"And I thanked him a thousand times for what he has done for the state of Wyoming and he always said to me, 'hey, that's my job to build a better Wyoming,' and he in fact did build a better Wyoming.

"It is not overstatement to say that his work, both his career and what he did in philanthropy helped every single citizen in Wyoming. That's just a fact.

"So if your job, as he said, was to build a build a better Wyoming, the fact that he helped every citizen in Wyoming is a job well done.

"On a personal level, he was a great friend. He and Susie were dear to me in every way. They were fun and he was a humble guy I very much enjoyed being around. Carol and I are going to miss him tremendously."