The Laramie area has a new Wyoming Highway Patrol division lieutenant. Trooper Mike Simmons was appointed as the supervising lieutenant of Laramie’s Division “J” yesterday by Colonel John Butler.

Lieutenant Simmons will be taking over for Captain Tom Pritchard who was promoted to District 5 Captain in early October. Lieutenant Simmons has been with the Patrol since 2008 and was selected for the new role from his trooper position in Cheyenne.

Simmons is one of four appointed as division lieutenants yesterday. Others appointed include Lieutenants Joseph Scimone, Ben Schlosser, and Chris Schell.

Lieutenant Joseph Scimone will be taking over for Lieutenant Nate Hughes upon his retirement in December. He was selected from his K-9 position in Cheyenne to supervise Division “M” in Douglas.

Lieutenant Ben Schlosser is taking over for Lieutenant Scott Keane’s Division “E” in Rock Springs. He was working a trooper position in Wamsutter.

Lieutenant Chris Schell was selected from his Academy Coordinator position in Safety and Training to become the supervising lieutenant of Division “B” in Casper. He is taking over for Lieutenant Terry Vincent who retired in September.

Division lieutenants for the Wyoming Highway Patrol are first line supervisors responsible for overseeing troopers for a certain geographical area within Wyoming. These lieutenants are heavily tasked on a daily basis and are a key element to the success of the Patrol.