The National Weather Service has continued a flood warning for the Laramie River in Laramie. With temperatures in the mountains expected to be in the upper 50s to 60s, runoff is expected to bring the river up to 6.5 feet. This compares to the historical crest of 6.6 feet in June 2010, which caused flooding in West Laramie.

A crest of 6.5 feet could result in homes near the greenway along the right bank experiencing major flooding. In addition, the mobile home park along the south end of McCue Street on the left bank could experience some minor flooding, and water may begin to creep into low lying areas of Cottonwood Estates along the left bank.

The river is expected to be at its highest on Monday, and then is expected to recede. The river will likely stay above flood stage until the middle of next week.

While the city is prepared for flooding this season, it is important for people to be prepared in case of flooding. Albany County Emergency Management Coordinator, Aimee Binning, says there are some steps people in risk areas can take to make sure they are prepared. She says it is a good idea for people to prepare a 72 to 96 hour kit.

“I would suggest having your personal things that you can survive on for 72 hours in a backpack that’s easy to grab,” Binning says.

It should include things like food, water, a first aid kit and other needed supplies. She reminds parents that it is a good idea to provide children with their own kit and emergency contact information just in case of separation.

She adds that people in areas that traditionally flood are encouraged to be proactive in protecting themselves and their property. While the town does have systems in place to prevent flooding, she encourages people to take the extra step to ensure they are safe.

You can check the Laramie River level here.