The Fire in the Sky fireworks display is back in Laramie this year for the Fourth of July. As has happened in previous years, the fireworks will be set off from the parking lot of the Aragon Softball Complex near 22nd Street around 10 p.m.

This year’s display, which is sponsored by the City of Laramie, will consist of about 450 aerial shells ranging in diameter of three to eight inches. Pyrotechnician Dave Akers is returning to Laramie to conduct the display. Fireworks are provided by J&M Displays (formerly Stonebraker Rocky Mountain Fireworks of Denver).

Fire in the Sky coordinator, Gary Egge, encourages spectators to make viewing the display a family event. He recommends watching the show from nearby city parks and other locations such as Fraternity/Sorority Park on campus. The display consists of only aerial shells, which can be viewed all around town.

The show will require a 600 foot radius safety zone around the launch site.  Spectators are not allowed to be within the safety zone because of the risk of falling debris. The 600 foot mark applies to no wind conditions, and organizers warn that even a light breeze can push shell debris to further distances. Anyone in the safety zone will be asked to leave by law enforcement.

Because of their proximity to the drop zone, portions of N. 22nd Street, Armory Road and Television Road will be closed prior to the display. Armory Road will close west from Television Road to 22nd Street. Television Road will close from the intersection at Armory Road north to Harney Street. In addition, 22nd Street between Willett Drive and Harney Street may close. Unless wind conditions require additional closures on Harney, it will only be closed in the immediate vicinity of the launch site. This is to minimize traffic congestion because of the display.

No spectator parking will be allowed along Harney Street between the Television Road and N. 19th Street intersections. Organizers warn that debris has been carried to the intersection at 22nd Street and Harney and onto sections of the street north of the softball complex in the past.

Egge asks that people avoid parking at the LSA Soccer Field, the UW Recreation Field, areas north of Harney between N. 19th and Television Road, and the parking lot north of the UW Centennial Complex. He says that even though these areas are not within the drop zone, the closeness to the actual launch site makes it impossible to protect people from falling debris. Once vehicles do park in these areas, it can often be difficult to remove them, so people are asked not to use these locations to view the display.

If weather does not permit the show on Independence Day, the display will be on July 5.

For more information visit the City of Laramie website or go to their Facebook page.