Laramie County Sheriff's Department

UPDATE MONDAY 2/8: Laramie County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Linda Gesell identifies the man who died following an armed standoff at the Round Up Motel as 43-year old Andrew Howton.

UPDATE:Laramie County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Linda Gesell says the standoff ended at around 2:30 a.m. Saturday when SWAT team members entered the motel room where the man had been and found him dead of what is believed to be a self inflicted gunshot wound.

No explosives or hostages were found in the room. She says a deputy was shot in the hand during the standoff and was treated at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and released.

Gesell says her department was tipped off by the Westminster Colorado Police Department about the suspect, who was wanted in connection with the disappearance of a Westminster resident. The Wheat Ridge Colorado Police Department was also looking for the man on attempted murder charges. The stolen vehicle the man was believed to be driving was found at the Round Up Motel at around 9:30 p.m. Friday, and the standoff began. The name of the dead man is not being released.

Original Post:

A multi-hour standoff between local law enforcement and a man who was wanted in Colorado came to an end a little before 3 a.m. on Saturday, but the exact details of the incident remain murky so far.

The suspect was holed up in the Round Up motel on the South Greeley Highway and claimed to have explosives and a female hostage, but neither of those claims have been officially confirmed. Some witnesses in the area claimed shots were fired at around 9:30 Friday night, but that also has yet to be officially confirmed..

Laramie County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Captain Linda Gesell says one deputy suffered a hand injury in the incident. We will report further details as soon as the information is available.