A small Wyoming town is continuing to move along, one year after the loss of it's biggest business and only gas station.

It's been one year (December 30th), since a car crashed into the Horton's Corner Gas Station store in Chugwater, causing a fire which resulted in the loss of the building and the business.

The owner's decided not to rebuild, which meant the town ended up taking about a $15,000 a year hit in tax revenue.

Dianne Parker

Mayor Ladonna Sand says the town still gets a few motorists who stop by hoping to fuel up, only to find out what happened too late.

As for area residents, the loss of Horton's Corner still stings, but it was not a real big loss in terms of stocking up on supplies.

"They are used to not having the ability to just drive down the street to a gas station or a grocery store, whatever, so they've always in the back of their mind, had stuff on hand to get them through, whatever blizzard or snowstorm or whatever came up."

The nearest gas station is 25 miles away in Wheatland.

Mayor Sand says discussions are underway about selling the property to potential buyers.

Meanwhile, 43-year old John Barberini of Casper is awaiting trial on charges of property destruction and reckless driving.

Platte County Law Enforcement investigators are accusing him of being the driver of the vehicle that crashed into Horton's Corner.