(courtesy of C.G.P Grey via Flickr)

With the changing times and the ever present issue of sustainable energy Wyoming has been seeing an increase in the number of wind farms being built. When it comes to energy production and natural resources Wyoming is a gold mine. Wyoming is one of the nation's top providers of coal, uranium and a number of other natural resources and making its way up on the list is Wyoming's abundance of wind. 

An increase in the number of wind farms has caused an influx of questions and comments about the long term effects on wildlife, recreation, scenic landscapes and a number of other issues such as the location of wind farms. To address the issues at hand the Bureau of Land Management has been working on finding the best locations for wind development.

The Bureau of Land Management wants to identify the best areas for wind development that will not conflict with wildlife or other areas where power lines and the capacity of those lines are present. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory  recently conducted a wind study that the BLM said was to broad. The BLM will use the study but are looking to narrow down the best locations.

The energy lab's wind study found that the most suitable locations for wind energy development are Albany, Platte, Carbon, Converse and Natrona counties. For more click here!