Laramie is a unique place to live and certainly has a lot to offer, if you know where to look that is. We have published a series of posts featuring the "Best of Laramie" to share our opinion on a diverse variety of local information. We have suggestions on everything from where to get the best cup of coffee in town to the worst intersections in the city. Browse our "Best of Laramie" series below and feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments sections of the post. Have a recommendation for an article in our series? Let us know about it and check back often for our latest features around town!

Alright, I’ll be honest with you. I’m not a very good ice fisherman. I love the outdoors and I don’t mind fishing (or drowning worms while I waste hours and hours of time). However, I have friends that are avid, maybe even rabid ice-fishing fans. I spoke to a couple of them recently. They refused to go into a great deal of detail. I think they have their spots and they’re not sharing. At any rate, I did get some locations. And so, here are the consensus top five areas.

As 2011 comes to a close, we took some time to reflect on everything that's happened in the past twelve months. Some of these story are happy while others are downright tragic. To help you take a brief look back, here is a glance at the ten best stories of 2011.

Laramie has its fair share of accident prone intersections that can be a bit awkward to navigate for one reason or another. Fortunately things tend to slow down in the summers when many of the student leave town. We choose out top five worst intersections in town so read on and let us know if you agree.


Temperatures in southeast Wyoming have slipped below zero for many nights in a row now as winter moves in. When it gets cold outside, it’s pretty easy to become a hermit in an attempt to stay warm. Once you are warm, the challenge is to stay entertained. To help you escape complete and utter boredom while we wait out the latest freeze, here are some entertaining experiments you can try that are just right for the conditions outside.

Let’s face it – Laramie is a college town. As such, the everyday life in Laramie largely revolves around the activities of the students and the schedule of the University. During school months, many outside of academia avoid most restaurants. Likewise, many outside of academia might avoid driving down Ivinson during school months or 15th Street. Along those same lines, those who wish to avoid the student crowd should probably steer clear of the following places for the next few days.

For many families some of the best Christmas memories come from adventuring out into a winter wonderland in search of the perfect tree. For others memories are made simply by decorating a tree purchased by a local vendor or an artificial tree purchased from a local store. Either way, Christmas trees are a fun part of the Christmas holiday and if you are thinking about getting a tree this year why not try out one of these five places in and around Laramie!

Being a college town, Laramie is without a doubt a very dynamic city. It seems like there are a plethora of things to get out and do on a regular basis if you are able to figure out what is going on in the first place. Thankfully with the evolution of the internet and Facebook this task becomes easier each day. We picked 6 Facebook pages you should like in order to stay well informed on what is going on around town.

As you read this post, there are five things I'd like you to keep in mind: 1) You will IMMEDIATELY think of others that are not on it. 2) I completely agree with you. 3) I would love to hear your suggestions. 4) Perhaps we will revisit this subject in the future….and 5) I can't wait. Also, even though there are numbers next to these posts, they are in no particular order as to importance of preference. I don't work well with numbers…I'm in radio.

Winter weather has arrived and what better to do on your free time then spend some quality outdoor time sledding! Laramie is well known for having long winters and just outside of Laramie the Snowy Range offers some of the best terrain for winter sports. For many, snow means staying indoors, making some hot chocolate, and cozying up in a mound of blankets to watch the latest movies but for those who get the outdoor itch and are looking for something to do then try some of these fun spots to go sledding!

For being a small town, Laramie has no shortage of Pawn Shops, Flea Markets and other types of thrift stores. Perhaps this is because Laramie is a college town and quick cash can be very appealing. Each Laramie thrift store seems to fill its small niche, and if you are looking to save some money or find some treasures they can be great places to visit. Even though many times it can be hard to find specific items, it is the feeling of finding just what you were looking for at a bargain that makes thrift store shopping fun.

A friend of mine was visiting me from waaaay back east. She found it amusing that I would EVER complain about traffic lights or traffic in such a small community. I told her that she might have to deal with hundreds of thousands of drivers, a brutal commute and all the joys that come with living in a major metro area. I, on the other hand, had to deal with these five intersections.

hanna_horwarth via Flickr

Halloween is always a special time for all kids as they set out to fill themselves full of sugar. However before any of that happens one critical component must be taken care of; the costume. For kids and parents alike this can actually be quite stressful because it has to turn out just right or risk being the one character at the party who one can identify correctly. Not to fear we are here with some ideas of different places you can go to pick out or put together the perfect costume.

I moved to Laramie Wyoming 31 years ago. Our town has grown and local business as well as larger franchises has improved the business community in Laramie. Some of the companies and restaurants that we wished we had may or may not ever come true because of our population. When the University is in session our population grows and during summer it leaves. This is good for driving around town not good if you are starting a business depending on a mass of population.

Best Places To Go In Laramie After a UW Football Game - Our Top 5

College football season is here! With that said, if you're fan of the brown and gold then you surely know the pro's and con's of Laramie on a game day! The "Gem City of The Plains" becomes alive with die hard fans who at times travel several hours to enjoy all that is UW football! If you're a Cowboy fan then you more than likely also know the hassles of being in Laramie during a game day, from the traffic jams to the over crowded restaurants bars and stores.

Laramie has made a name for itself through a long history of rugged cowboys, outlaws, trappers and traders. Then, in 1886 came the University of Wyoming. UW is still the states only four-year state school and has gained national attention by providing an outstanding education at low costs and provides students with great opportunities. Indeed, Laramie has a unique mixture of old west feel and new age philosophy, and so do its bars.

Summer is a great time of year especially if you love the outdoors. It always seems that some of my funnest and funniest memories are outside camping, hiking, watching sporting events and of course playing games with family and friends. I have found that even as I grow older some of those great backyard games I used to love have not lost their luster; actually I am just quite a bit more accurate now or I don't have to stand 5 feet in front of everyone else!

Thanks to the magic of the movies, television and books, the name Laramie, Wyoming conjures up visions of the Old West like few others. We got our name from a lost French-Canadian Fur Trapper, had outlaws like Butch Cassidy stay at the Wyoming Territorial Prison, we had Thomas Edison give us a nickname, a TV show and a movie called "The Man from Laramie". All this and a lot more made the town of Laramie popular in western lore.

Best Places In Laramie For School Supply Shopping - Our Top 5

The old school bell is going to be ringing before you know it. It’s the rush to get all of the back to school shopping done. Here is a list of local businesses that are available for your shopping needs. In our opinion they are the best places to find everything you will need for back to school. Some have the lists you will need to fill for your child, some are just for shoes, and others are for those of you attending one of the higher education venues in town.

Fall is on its way whether you like it or not which means a whole host of things will be gearing up like school. Fortunately with the beginning of the school year comes the start of a new football season. Soon after that more and more sports kick off in our great state of Wyoming, and you are sure to need some new gear to show your support for your favorite teams. Fortunately, Laramie has a lot to offer as far as Wyoming clothing and apparel stores go. Here are our top five places to go and stock up for the new season!

Laramie may be a small town in the least populated state in the US, but this does not mean our town is full of boring individuals. There is quite a list of notable Laramie locals who have become well known or made it big in their lifetime.

In 1868 Laramie, Wyoming was on the brink of becoming a lively railroad town for the Union Pacific Railroad. The town was a stop for these trains to re-fuel, get repairs and pick up cargo and passengers. The booming railroad town brought in hard working citizens but also some of the West’s most infamous old West criminals; but the town overcame the corruption and upright citizens helped establish the city.

Summertime in Wyoming is hard to beat especially with July 4th just around the corner. It's hard to deny that Independence Day is one of the most celebrated and enjoyed days of the year, mostly because there are a number of events to attend. Also, to be quite honest, most Americans know how to celebrate a birthday especially when that birthday belongs to the U.S.A. Here are a few events and ideas that might get you in the mood for 4th of July.

With the official start of summer just behind us, many Laramie locals are looking for exciting outdoor activities. No need to stress about driving far to have some fun. Wyoming has some of the best outdoor entertainment in the country. Many of the activities Wyoming residences have at their toes are free, so follow along closely because we have compiled our top five picks of the best outdoor activities to do in or around Laramie.

Southeastern Wyoming has some truly amazing fishing in countless lakes, rivers, streams, beaver ponds and reservoirs. If you are not taking advantage of the great fishing you need to. This week, after many weeks of flooding, the rivers are finally dropping to fish-able conditions. Make plans to get your gear and family and friends out on our Wyoming waters for a great day of fishing.

Courtesy Mike Gray

The rivers are anger my friends, and are still high and kind of dangerous right now. I had plans to float the North Platte from Treasure Island to Saratoga, if you survived the trip down the river good chance you would not catch anything because you would be moving too fast. So I’m thinking fishing the lakes are a good idea, this past week Lake Owen and Rob Roy Reservoir have opened and are fishing well. Check out our top 5 lakes to catch the big one!

Courtesy Laramie Recreation Center

Well we sure don't want you to go swimming in the Laramie river anytime soon! Summer is finally here and the kids out of school so make plans to take them swimming. The Laramie Rec Center, kid pool at Washington Park, or the splash pad at Undine Park or just turn on the sprinkles in the backyard, all will make a perfect afternoon activity for you and the your kids.

Courtesy ButterflySha via Flickr

It may be the official start to summer, but living in Laramie I have sadly found that this does not mean it is time for flip flops and shorts just yet. Don’t get the rainy day blues, there are still lots of fun things you and your family or friends can do indoors. It may be easier to just sit on the couch with a blanket and watch TV, but there are fun and productive activities you can do to keep your mind off of the dreary weather. I know that when the weather is bad, it tends to put me in a foul mood, but this does not have to be the case.


Father’s Day is coming up soon and we would like to offer you our five best suggestions for what to do with your dear old dad to celebrate his special day. There are a plethora of options, but if you want to make this day really special read on...

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When it comes to Laramie and summer one thing that quickly comes to mind is wedding season! The Snowy Range as well as the surrounding area is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding, but what about fun and entertaining places for a bachelor party? Well here are my top five places you might want to venture out to that will provide you with a memorable time that you'll never forget all while celebrating your buddy's big day to come!

Kari Eakins

Every bride deserves a night that celebrates her transition into the next phase of life. That night should be fun, memorable, meaningful and most of all, worry-free because she didn’t plan it…after all, I am talking about the bachelorette party!

If you happen to be the maid of honor or a bridesmaid planning the hen party, it can be a great experience for you, too. Read on for my best suggestions for a bachelorette party in Laramie.

Courtesy UW

For many Wyoming residents, coming to Laramie to attend the University of Wyoming is a rite of passage. Well, here’s a list of ways that make it obvious you are going through that process right now. You know you’re a student in Laramie if…

While many students make a pitstop at the University of Wyoming here in Laramie, being a year-round resident has its’ own challenges and perks. You know you’re from Laramie if…

Sure gas is reaching $4.00 a gallon and times are tight. If you are thinking of were to take the family this summer my advise is take them! We work harder than any country and take less than 2 weeks a year off. That's crazy! Now I'm not telling you to drive across the country you could travel the world for cheaper!

There are many places to walk you dog in Laramie. Most city parks have poop bags for your pup's dirty deeds. They also require dogs to be on a leash, except at the fenced park at the Greenbelt.  As for my dog,  he likes to meet other dogs and do the dog thing; you know say hello in dog speak.

You can find all sorts of great things in Laramie, ranging from saddle shops to a vegetarian restaurant. But if you happen to be single, it can sometimes seem like you are the only one around. I’m here to tell you this is not the case, I myself am single and living in Laramie. Whether you’re newly single, have always been single or just wish you were single, these are my top five places to meet singles in Laramie.

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Being a father of 2 boys I’ve seen my share of kid’s birthday parties. Most were really fun for my kids! I like the birthday parties that are a little on the not so normal side. Let me explain. I am glad Chuck-E-Cheese is not here in Laramie or I would be in a straight jacket by now! We have been to parties at families’ homes, the Park (during the warm months), the Recreation Center, the bowling alley, the movie theatre, the school of gymnastics, and even the animal science farm.

Here in Laramie we have some great choice’s when it comes to eating out. With the diversity of the university we have great ethnic restaurants that are a welcome change from the burgers and fast food places. My mom used to say if we only had a Japanese, Thai and Indian restaurant we would really be uptown. Well we do now!  We will publish these guide from time to time and showcase some of our favorites in Laramie.

If you are looking to get your caffeine buzz, we have a plethora of great coffeehouses here in Laramie. Laramie has six, count them, six coffee shops. I know, I was surprised, too. We also have a Starbucks in Albertsons and Safeway, and a coffee bar at Hastings.

Laramie Wyoming has some great monuments, museums and road side atractions that conjure up visions of the old west. Many have few visitors during the year and it's amazing that their right outside our door. In less than 15 minutes from town you can be staring at a granite pyramid (Ames Monument) dedicated to the Ames brothers that marks the highest point on the Union Pacific Railroad, or the Lincoln Monument marking the highest point on the old Lincoln Highway.

Laramie is a great little college town and for many of us our first date might have been right here in Laramie. We thought it would be neat to give your our top 12 first date locations in Laramie and see what you think. Most importantly anyone looking to go on their first date in town can grab some suggestions from the veterans who have been around the block. Pay attention youngsters, this story is for you!