The question:

I would like to know how they justify raising property taxes in West Laramie once again and nothing is improving such as roads. etc. totally taking advantage of the residents in West Laramie.

The answer:

The City of Laramie, by Wyoming Statute, is limited to a maximum 8 mill levy and that amount has been authorized through the budget adoption process by the City Council.  This amount has not changed in many budget adoption cycles.
Once adopted by the City Council, the mill levy request is then forwarded to the County Assessor for inclusion in the total mill levy authorized from all taxing entities.  The County Assessor is also charged with determining assessed valuation of properties.  An increase in the amount tax levied may result from an increased assessed valuation or a change in another taxing entity’s levy.  The City of Laramie’s levy remains unchanged.
For more information, the County Assessor can be reached at telephone number 307-721-2511