You may have heard of them, Americans Elect, a non-partisan organization offering an online option for nominating a presidential ticket. In Wyoming the non-profit  gathered the necessary signatures to be added to the 2012 General Election Ballot.

State Elections Director, Peggy Nighswonger, says, at this point, Americans Elect is the only Provisional Party validated.

“There are, I believe, three more parties circulating, but at this time they’re the only party that has met that threshold.”

Nighwonger says the ‘Country Party’ is circulating currently for signatures and the elections

office is about to validate signatures received from the Constitution Party.

Along with the major parties, the Libertarians, considered a minor party, will appear on the ballot in November.

New parties seeking to gain ballot access for the 2012 General Election have until June 1, 2012.

Wyoming is the 17th state to grant ballot access to Americans Elect.

According to Spokesperson, Dagny Leonard, it will be the first time the presidential nominating process goes on line, and Leonard clarifies, Americans Elect is not a party, but rather an alternative process designed to encourage bipartisanship.

“We are non-partisan, but the ticket will be bipartisan. It doesn’t matter which party, but the presidential nominee has to chose a running mate that is not of the same party to create a balanced ticket.”

Leonard says no one need give up their party affiliation, but the final ticket- to be selected in rounds of online ballots in May and June – should represent leaders willing to reach across the political space and solve problems.