Libraries across the nation have been in transition in the age of the internet. Librarians and those who want their libraries to succeed would like everyone to know just how much they offer. The Albany County Library is certainly no exception as everything seems to be headed into the digital era.

We had the opportunity to speak with Julie Stephens, the Laramie 20-30 coordinator for the Library.  (We’ll be telling you more about Laramie 20-30 in a future post.) The one thing Julie really wanted us to let everyone know about are their vast collections of materials available to patrons.

Did you know that the Albany County Library features much more than just books these days? When you think of a library, the first thought that comes to your mind might be that they are outdated and somewhat a thing of the past. This is not the case as our libraries are striving to stay up with the times. Their collection of Japanese Manga (comics) is larger than that at Barnes and Noble. You’ll also find an amazing collection of graphic novels. For those of you who don’t know what those are, think comic books of extraordinary depth and content. The library also offers music of all kinds and genres that you can check out. Other forms of media that you can check out include DVD’s and video games! 

When it comes to research, The Albany Country Library feels that it has much more to offer than just an on-line search; they offer expertise through experts trained on research in all fields. For instance, if you just bought or are renovating an older property in the county, and were curious of its history, their researchers will be more than happy to help.

Julie also made a point to mention their “Wyoming Room” with extensive history of all things Wyoming. While you’re there, you can use their new micro-film reader.  It’s a bigstep up from the old microfiche. For instance, you can download your info on a jump drive to take with you.

There’s much more to know about your library, from a top-notch listing of  Wyoming State Statutes to the Wall Street journal. Why not find out more about The Albany Country Library? It’s there for you!